Public transport

If you’re thinking about a drink in the Microbus, remember there’s a bus stop right outside our door.

Go Northeast operate excellent services which stop outside the bar (and just around the corner).

So we’re easy to get to, and get home from. There’s even a couple of all night services if you fancy a nightcap in one of our late licensed neighbours.


We’re so proud of our new neighbours, Mushu Tattoo. Lovely people, with amazing talent. They let us take a picture of their new wall – this is just a tiny sneak preview.

Live music

A week after opening, we had our first live music.

We were over the moon that it went so well; we’re so new and we didn’t really promote the place.

We’ll probably continue not promoting live music. But, if you’d like to know what’s happening, just check out our toilet gig list.


Meet Derek. Sadly, Derek’s not very well. He’s had a tough life, trying to survive behind the lining of our little old railway arch.

We don’t know how long he’d been in residence,or how he came to be there in the first place.

In view of Derek’s poor health, and since he’s been here longer than us, we had to try to help him out.

He now has a pot in a window, so he’ll have plenty sunshine.

We’re doing our best to make him comfortable in what might be his last few days, but we think he’s a tough little guy.

If you find yourself on board the Microbus, say hi to Derek. We know it’d mean a lot to him.

We’re here

We made the decision to open Friday night, since we were 80% ready and we thought it’d be sensible to have a quiet opening in case anything didn’t work.

It turned out that was the right thing to do. We lost a headlamp lens (we knew there shouldn’t have been leftover bits after fitting it) and a bumper fell off.

But people seemed to like the place. And we couldn’t have asked for more.


We’re getting there. The beer line install will be near enough finished today, leaving us with some finishing touches.

So, we can think about opening.

That’ll be Monday. But, if you’re passing by, call in and say hi.

Meanwhile …

Acoustic coolness

We’re so pleased to have the fabulous Mr Michael Rolf for our very first live gig. Friday, April 1st.

Don’t tell him we said, but he’s stupidly talented and a joy to listen to.

We’re not actually bothered if anyone comes along. We’d happily have a night off to enjoy some lovely beer and gorgeous music.