United in Music

United in Music; a live music event, over two days, hosted by Station East and Microbus Gateshead.


We expect this to be busy, so we’d advise getting hold of a ticket. They’re great value at just £8 for the weekend, or £5 for Saturday or Sunday. Remember, a ticket covers music in both Station East and Microbus.

If you don’t fancy live music, you can always come along for an afternoon pint before things get started.

Saturday 5:30-9:15

Sunday 5:45-10:00

Bus Station Hazy Pale 4.5%

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We feel there’s something of a misunderstanding about unfined beer.

We’re often asked whether a beer is hazy. Usually because someone prefers or avoids hazy beer.

We do understand why some people associate cloudy beer with bad beer. A long, long time ago, that might have been the case. But beer has evolved, with so many great breweries producing ridiculously good beer.

We really don’t think that fish in any form belongs in beer, so we only buy unfined beer, or beer fined with vegan finings (we do prefer unfined, though).

Now that doesn’t mean that we’ll only buy soupy beer. We’ll buy what we think will be good beer. So our beer might be cloudy, a little hazy, or clear.

To confuse the issue, here’s a picture of an unfined beer that’s on cask right now.