So a German guy and a Brazilian guy cycle into a bar. Our little bar.

The German guy’s a regular, a lovely bloke. He met the Brazilian guy cycling across the Tyne Bridge. And brought him to the ‘bus.

The Brazilian guy had cycled 33k miles before arriving here.

He asked if there was anywhere he could sling a hammock.

So our lovely customers had a whip round and he stayed at the Hilton.


We have an apology. We’ve had Tennents Lager on draught since the day we opened.

The world famous Scottish craft lager has been incredibly popular, but it’s been difficult to get a reliable supply at a fair price.

Our last keg ran out today, a victim of the Gateshead sunshine.

However, we do have a new lager to enjoy on sunny days outside the ‘bus. We’ve heard it’s almost as good as Tennents.

Octopus Juice

Following on from Octopus Ink, we have a new house beer fresh on today.

We’ve a few casks of this juicy pale ale but, like the Ink, when it’s gone, it’s gone.