• Sweep up outside, swilling the pavement with water if needed
  • Put outdoor tables and chairs out (weather permitting)
  • Follow opening cleaning schedule (in the folder on the inside of the kitchen door)
  • Set up bar
  • Check stock in fridges – re-stock as needed. Note any new stock needed
  • Check that the screen and Real Ale Finder app are up-to-date
  • After opening, complete any cleaning appropriate to the day (cleaning schedule)


  • Follow closing cleaning schedule
  • Make sure the keg drip tray is empty
  • Make sure that fridge lights are turned off
  • Make sure that the glasswasher is drained, cleaned and turned off
  • Make sure that the water heater is turned off
  • Leave the toilet door open
  • Make sure that no unchained empties are left outside
  • Remove the dog bed from the window and check that seats are clear of the shutter


  • Check that a pump clip/tap badge is with each cask/keg
  • If the cask/keg is from a wholesaler, write their name on top if it
  • Check for any empties needing collection
  • Pay any paper invoice (if not already paid – check bank payments if uncertain)
  • Where there is no paper invoice, check email. Pay and file in the ‘invoices’ folder in the admin inbox
  • Note prices on reverse of pump clip/tap badge
  • Add to Real Ale Finder app, showing as ‘delivered’


  • Place Kegstar empties and any pins in the left hand window
  • Place Camerons empties outside, on the right. Chain them up.
  • Place other empties outside, on the left, again chained up
  • Depressurise poly kegs, flatten, then place in recycling bin
  • Make sure that wholesaler/brewery names are visible and, if not, write on the empty
  • Some breweries will pick up Close Brothers rentals – it’s always worth asking

Bin Day

  • Every Tuesday, make sure that the bin due for collection the following day is left unlocked
  • Every Wednesday, after collection, re-lock the bin as soon as possible

Ordering (weekly)

  • Monday: check stock and list anything needed
  • Monday: mail Simon Ritter to order Overkill. Payment is automatic, by Direct Debit. File any email invoices in the ‘invoices’ email folder
  • Monday: mail George Julian to order Leith Juice/cider (delivery Thursday). Payment will be needed after delivery (paper invoice)
  • Monday: mail six barrels if ordering from them (delivery Wednesday). Payment will be needed on day of delivery (email invoice). File invoice in ‘invoices’ folder after paying
  • Monday/Tuesday: read emails in inbox. Place any orders; make payment when invoices are received, usually by email
  • When ordering via Sellar, message the brewery to ask for an invoice by email. On receipt, pay it
  • When ordering via James Clay or Pivovar, payment is made when ordering

Ordering (LWC)

  • Use for wine (we only buy Sea Change), spirits etc
  • Delivery can be a couple of days away, so make sure the order’s place before stock runs out. Best to order Monday or Tuesday after checking stock
  • Order through the LWC website, using the usual email address and password
  • You’ll need to ring the following day to pay over the phone – our cards don’t work with the LWC online system

Cash & Carry (Bookers)

  • For Blur roll, toilet rolls, paper towels, anti-bac, spirits etc
  • Some stock is kept in the van – check before buying more
  • Plan ahead; this stock is for a week
  • Only buy what we need


  • Order 60/40 gas when the last bottle goes on
  • Text Newcastle Gas to order – 07961730008 (remember to say it’s for Microbus Gateshead)